Faith, Mental Illness and Me

Mental illness affects many people across the globe as does physical illness. However, mental ill health is often seen in a completely different light to physical ill health – speaking more so for faith communities. I do not believe that people CHOOSE to suffer from a mental illness in the same way someone does notContinue reading “Faith, Mental Illness and Me”

I Failed, Again

A habit is a repeated behaviour or tendency, something that we do often without realising it. Habits can aid our prosperity in life or contribute to our destruction. Habits, once formed, become so routine that they can be difficult to break and it is often said that they way to break old habits is toContinue reading “I Failed, Again”

His Joy = My Strength

Depression is one of the darkest and loneliest places to be. My experience of depression was not just feeling down for a few days or being in a “bad mood”. For me, depression was an enemy, it made me unable recognise myself; it took over and consumed my whole being. It became so toxic andContinue reading “His Joy = My Strength”