Just Another Christian Blog?

Many of us walk through life with greatness on the inside of us. Many of us have creative ideas of things that we can do – businesses, innovative creations, books, songs, platforms, and all manner of things. However, many of us will never manifest these thoughts and ideas we have. Many of us will cruise through life doing what is expected of us by society but never really reaching the fullness of what God has placed inside of us.

One thing for certain is I do not want to leave this earth having not achieved everything God intended for me to do. What a disappointing moment it would be to meet God and realise there was SO MUCH more that I could have done for His Kingdom and I am sure you can share in that same feeling.

The question you must ask yourself – what is truly stopping you from stepping out? Is it fear? Is it lack of knowledge? Is it a lack of knowing what you are called to? Is it something entirely different?

This platform – Transformed by Abba – is something God birthed in my thoughts a few years ago. From the name, to the type of content, to the platforms I would use – all the ideas came from God. However, I have started blogging twice before this and stopped. I was, and still am, confident that this idea is purely from God and not me yet still, I could not continue initially. Now, I have come to an understanding that the need to write and share goes beyond how I feel and more about what GOD wants to do with the words.

But why did it take me so long to realise this? For me, it was purely based on feelings of inadequacy.

Cambridge Dictionary defines inadequacy as: a lack of confidence that makes you feel unable to deal with a situation.

This definition perfectly describes how I felt. I felt a complete lack of confidence – what makes me qualified to share and have others read what I write? What makes my voice unique in comparison to anyone else? What if I share information that is incorrect and does not help anyone? What if God was not the one who spoke to me in the first place?

Questions like this were always flashing through my mind and, as they did, feelings of inadequacy grew beyond what I could bear. Before launching this blog (for a third time), I was asleep one night when I woke up feeling a deep urgency to pray. As I prayed, I felt God was calling me back to purpose and He reminded me of this platform and the things He had laid on my heart to do. I felt as if He was calling me back to write and share and encourage others. However, despite this deep assurance of His call, I still felt inadequate, but I knew that I needed to deal with this feeling.

How did I conquer this? I did what I know to do, I found truth in His word.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10 (NKJV)

The first thing to understand from this scripture is – if you believe in God, YOU ARE HIS. He MADE you, He CREATED you. You are designed by God and God knows you and everything you are. Psalm 100:3 in MSG says it like this “…He made us; we didn’t make him.”

Before you walk in anything God has called you to, you must know and understand that God made you. Other versions replace workmanship with masterpiece. How reassuring is that? You are HIS masterpiece. His creation. If God Almighty created you, what makes you think you are inadequate to fulfil all that He has created you to do? Let that truth sink deep down inside of you and become one with your mind and heart. You are HIS.

The second thing to understand – you are created FOR GOOD WORKS. God has placed inside of you good works. Whether you choose to recognise and walk in those works is entirely up to you but that does not negate the fact that they are there existing on the inside of you. You must be hungry and have a burden for them to be made manifest in your life. God has not created you to just live and then die, He created you to DO.

Thirdly, these works were PREPARED BEFOREHAND. This means they are planned, predestined, there are well thought-out. God has not just randomly assigned you to tasks, everything that He does is intentional and for His glory. As He has prepared these works beforehand, He already knows that these works will prosper and do well and bring others to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. God is intentional, He has prepared the works beforehand.

Lastly, what you need to understand from this scripture is that God does not FORCE anybody to walk out these good works. The scripture says, “we should walk in them”. Again, the definition of should from Cambridge Dictionary is “used to show when something is likely or expected”. Just because these works are expected, does not mean that God forces our hand to do them. God has given us the freewill to choose what we do and, therefore, it is our choice whether to walk out the works He has prepared or not. Personally, I would want to do anything that God expects me to do but that is not to say everyone has that same feeling. God has prepared the works; will you CHOOSE to walk in them?

Ephesians 2:10 is what sparked an assurance within me that I must walk out every good work that God has intended for me. These works are planned and predestined and they are good. I am created by Him to do what He has made me to do. So, is this just another Christian blog? Maybe so to some but to me, I know that I am following His lead and call.

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